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Looking for Fitness done a little different?
No need to look any further.  
Our schedule is packed full of awesome sessions to motivate you and get you results.  

Check out our schedule below.  
We run Fitness Sessions Monday through Saturday.  
Our Speed and Sports Training sessions are Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays to accommadate for your busy sporting seasons.  

Fitness Bootcamp - Want to work on your Fitness?
Start here. Get toned, strong, fit and burn fat.  All our Bootcamps are run in our indoor facility with tons of space.  We utilise a variety of body weight, fitness and strength implements to burn serious calories in these 45 minutes butt kicking workouts.  
2 Sessions Every Week.

X-Training - Step Up your Fitness!
Push your Fitness a little more.  The combination of boxing, bag work, circuits and HIIT training will rev up your metabolism and burn fat.  
This workout puts in the optimum fat burning zone while assisting in building some lean mass.  Muscle weighs more than fat, build a lean strong body and you will feel fitter and stronger.
Fight through the Pain and Knock this workout on its butt!
2 Sessions Every Week.

Max Strength - Get Unbreakable!
Build a strong body!  Max Strength builds maximum strength and focuses on whole body movements to increase strength. This session is specifically designed to work on mobility, maximum force production, volume (hypertrophy) and core conditioning.  All in a 60 minute session.  The sessions are as hard or as easy as you want them to be.  Our coaches will make sure you are honest with yourself and pushing it.
3 Sessions Every Week
Speed Kills - Become a Speed Demon
Learn how to accelerate, stop, change direction like a speed demon.  Our advanced speed training tecnhiques will have splitting gaps and leaving defenders for dead.  Check out the Speed and Sports Conditioning Page for more details.  
4 Sessions Every Week
Mark Skelton – Owner/Operator of The Fieldhouse 
B.A. Exercise Science, Minor Coaching, CPT, CMT, NASM-CPT, Level 1 Coach, CF-L1

Mark Skelton has been the owner/operator of The Fieldhouse (fitness) for over two years and is an Exercise Physiologist, certified Personal Trainer (PT) and certified Massage Therapist (MT).
Growing up locally, Mark was always active from sun up to sun down and the passion he has for living an active lifestyle lead him to build a career in the fitness industry including, experience in professional coaching, rehabilitation and general fitness. For the past 18 years Mark has trained weight loss clients, youth team sports, trauma patients for rehabilitation and professional athletes and Olympic athletes. Due to his youthful sporting endeavours, Mark received numerous athletic scholarships to U.S Universities for athletics and gridiron and was a multiple time National Champion in sprints, record holder and team captain while studying at university.
Throughout all his years in fitness Mark has been exposed to excellence but also dysfunction and understands how the effects of misuse, disuse or an unfortunate accident can contribute to a lower quality of performance, whether in the gym or more importantly life. After suffering an injury which caused long term nerve problems, chronic pain and movement dysfunction for nine years, Mark was able to find relief through Neuromuscular Massage therapy, soft tissue treatment and scientific functional training. Mark attributes his speed, strength, power and health, which are the same as they were at 21, to the healing effects of movement.
Mark gains satisfaction from seeing his clients increase their strength and fitness levels as he knows their quality of life will improve simultaneously.